The LiveStyled platform is comprised of four cutting edge components, all built with your customers in mind.


Making the dream of personalising your customers’ experience a reality, Frontier is the highly flexible framework that allows us to rapidly develop and seamlessly upgrade white-labelled mobile applications. Ordered drinks on a previous visit and looking for the same again? Browsed similar events to something that’s upcoming? Frontier dynamically adapts app content to every individual user.


Backstage is an intuitive web-based interface, giving you complete control over every aspect of the mobile app environment. Our powerful cloud-based CMS platform enables you to set up and schedule content, view customer interaction metrics & purchasing data and manage inventory & fulfilment.


Providing the engine room to your data learning, CORE collates information from the user’s device and any relevant third-party systems (such as wifi software and CRM or loyalty databases), and identifies everything we know about the user. It then automatically analyses the content, products and offers available within the app and presents the most appropriate content for that individual.


Linking disparate systems to put mobile data at the heart of your business, Connect provides you with the single view of your customers that you never thought possible. LiveStyled can effortlessly integrate with existing systems whilst ensuring the app works in harmony with established processes.